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Whether you’re an environmentalist, money saver, doomsday prepper or a combination of any, going solar with Southern California’s most trusted solar energy consultant is the right choice for any consumer – All In 1 Solar has your back!!!


See Why Over 3.4 Million Homeowners Went Solar

The race for solar has begun...there's still time not to get left behind!! Download our handbook to get a detailed description of why solar makes sense for homeowners and is highly recommended!! Also includes information regarding $0 down, no startup fees or upfront cost financing options.

Our Process Made Simple


Collecting Necessary Information

We speak with the homeowner on title or the point(s) of contact to receive the annual electricity usage, billing history, etc to accurately assess solar eligibility.


We Design Your System

Then if qualified, our licensed solar engineers will design a customized solar panel system based on available roof space, the properties electricity consumption and the chosen aesthetics.


Schedule 1-On-1 Consult

Lastly, we present a proposal for your potential solar installation which includes various $0 down financing options and term lengths that are suitable for you. **Consultations can be done in person or virtually.

Save Money with a Solar Energy Consultant When Going Solar!!

See why millions of homes, businesses & nonprofits took advantage of the solar revolution.


Prevent substantial personal & financial losses and keep the kids entertained

Maintain peace of mind while enjoying uninterrupted power. Being a solar energy solutions company, we keep homes, businesses, and nonprofits running during power outages or blackouts; supporting vital equipment and lighting.


Maintain a comfortable living environment without sacrificing comfort levels

Don’t let high energy costs force you to reduce heating or AC usage. We provide you with a comprehensive and sustainable solution so that you don't have to endure extreme temperatures while inside – morning, day or night.


Reduce electricity costs & lower demand charges

Struggling to pay the electric bill? We make a significant impact in helping to overcome the challenges related to high utility bills and rising electricity rates.


New roof and solar panel installations are now affordable

Concerned about the cost to repair roof damage or even need a new roof? We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs when combining solar arrays installations with new roofs or remodels.


A solar energy consultant highlights zero-down options for predictable & stable energy rates

Retired homeowners on a strict budget and/or living on a fixed income, can now access solar's benefits with no upfront costs or start up fees. Our simple approach reduces utility bills & offers energy independence affordably.


Never skip, make late payments or partially pay electricity bills again

End sacrificing household expenses & shifting daily activities to cover high electric bills. Utilizing a solar energy consultant helps customers avoid having to make those difficult decisions; consequently, easing mental & financial stresses.

Where Do You Fit In?

If you fall into any of the categories below and are considering adopting green solar energy solutions through local solar contractors, or if you have inquiries about whole home solar power systems, we've got your back!

From foundational solar knowledge to in-depth solar panel quotes or guidance on what to ask a solar panel contractor, you've arrived at the perfect spot.

Simply Sustainable

Values the environment, has some understanding of the impact of their energy use on the ecosystem and on the grid. Not tech-savvy but are open to technology to saving energy.

Connected Pragmatists

Not overly concerned about the impact of their electricity usage but are interested in energy saving programs and opportunities. Tech-savvy; tends to seek out correct messaging and technologies that do not require large or permanent changes to their homes. 

Green Pioneers

Highly value energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Very tech-savvy and understand how technology works as well as the impact their electricity use has on the grid.

Trusting Traditionalists

Understands the impact of their energy use on the environment but doesn’t see how technology can help. Have the lowest interest and adoption rates in technology because it often overwhelms & intimidates them.

Comfort Seekers

Shows the least amount of interest in technology and energy therefore does not put forth the effort to learn about technologies or to control the amount of energy they consume.

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