Solar energy for nonprofits

Solar energy for nonprofits is becoming increasingly popular as one of the most reasonable options to eliminate outrageously high utility bills in Southern California. Specifically solar panels for churches, tribal & native entities, state/local governments, rural energy coops and all other tax-exempt entities. See if your organization(s) qualifies!!!


See How Nonprofits Are Eliminating High Utility Bills Forever!!

Solar energy for nonprofits is a must have. This handbook, specifically for nonprofits, gives a detailed description of why solar + battery backup makes sense and is highly recommended­, especially for houses of worship. Also includes information regarding no money down, no startup cost financing options.

Benefits of solar energy for Nonprofits

 Reducing extremely high utility bills is just one of the many reasons to go solar.


Competition for Funding

Becoming producers of solar energy, NPO’s are more likely to build partnerships and receive donations from parties seeking out environmentally friendly organizations.


Community Engagement

Installing solar energy will attract volunteers who are passionate about renewable energy and are willing to donate their time and expertise to the communities they serve.


Government Incentives & Rebates

Tax-exempt organizations can take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit through direct pay. Various state and local municipalities offer incentives/rebates/funding which also helps to significantly decrease the cost of installation.


Reduced Operating Costs

NPO’s often operate on tight budgets therefore reducing operating costs are crucial to sustainability. Using solar energy lowers electricity bills thus allocates additional resources to core missions and programs.


Energy Reliability

In the event of a power outage, solar + battery storage ensures access to critical essential loads such as freezers, emergency equipment, mechanical gates or necessary inside/outside lighting.


Lower Demand Charges

When installing solar panels, proper timing and a battery storage solutions lowers this significant portion of the electricity bill. These charges make up the majority of monthly utility costs.

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Our Process Made Simple


Collecting Necessary Information

We speak with the board of directors or the person(s) of contact to receive the annual electricity usage, reasons for going solar, etc to accurately assess the nonprofits solar eligibility.


We Design Your System

Then if your nonprofit qualifies, our licensed solar engineers will design a customized solar panel system based on collected information, available roof space, battery backup necessity, and your chosen aesthetics.


Schedule 1-On-1 Consult

Lastly, we present to the person(s) of contact a proposal for potential project(s) which includes $0 down financing options and term lengths that works best for your organization(s). **Consultations can be done in person or virtually.

Common FAQ's About Solar Energy for Nonprofits

Absolutely; now that the Inflation Reduction Act passed, these organizations are now able to receive the full 30% federal tax credit, significantly reduce their electricity bill and realize HUGE savings over the lifetime of the system. Avoiding high demand charges when utilizing solar energy + battery storage lowers operational expenses leaving money available for expansion or growth that would otherwise be spent on utility costs.

Traditionally, nonprofits resisted going solar because as tax-exempt organizations, they were not able to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit, which makes solar projects much more affordable. Thankfully, direct pay for nonprofits became a reality through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 allowing all nonprofits to receive tax credits.

For various nonprofit buildings, we typically see a 30-90% electricity offset. We’ll conduct a comprehensive needs analysis on each location and assess roof structure stability, energy offset goals, your building’s usage & structural history as well as several other factors.

Yes, if purchased, there’s a 25-year manufactures’ warranty on the solar power system and a 10-year workmanship warranty that covers all workmanship defects related to installed work only. With a PPA, the installers maintain ownership of the panels during your agreement which also has a 20-year manufactures’ warranty throughout the lifetime of the PPA agreement.

Allows qualifying tax-exempt entities to receive a direct payment from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in lieu of a tax credit. Similar to for-profit companies, state/local governments, nonprofits, rural electric cooperatives, houses of worship, schools, and tribal entities will be eligible for tax incentives of between 30 and 70 percent of the project's total cost – depending on the project's location and how much of the hardware content is produced domestically.

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