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What Makes Us Unique

The Keeping It Simple (K.I.S.S) model leads to omitted and/or misleading information and unfortunately is by far the most common method being taught to solar sales representatives.

Our belief in 100% transparency inspired us to come up with our own Secret S.O.S.S™ = Standard of Solar Sales, here are some of the main ingredients:

Solar Panel Education

Our approach is unique upon first appearance as we focus on educating our potential customers vs focusing squarely on the benefits of solar and trying to sell you. Every one of our customers are well-informed customers without any regrets or feelings of buyer’s remorse.

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Supreme Customer Support

Keeping an open line of communication with ALL our customers & partners is priority #1. No matter the size or complexity of your project, you’ll have access to your advisors’ personal contact information throughout the entire installation process – even after your system is installed.

Honest, No Obligation Quotes

Working in the industry 8+ years, we’ve witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly solar has to offer. Our teams of advisors & consultants are trained with values, ethics, morals & principles. This makes it easy for us to stand by what we guarantee thus boosting community confidence in solar.

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Accurate Analysis & Design

Each system is designed by our experienced engineers thus preventing costly price adjustments & time wasted due to change orders and rescheduling. Often companies will purchase easy to use, low-cost design tools that allow their sales reps to design their customers solar panel systems, despite having little to no solar knowledge or experience.

What We Do

All In 1 Solar assists residential & commercial property owners as well as nonprofits nationwide go from high, unpredictable utility bills to affordable clean solar energy thus lowering expenses & reducing carbon emissions.

Company Founder & Our Mission


Our mission is to purge the planet of the alarmingly high CO2 emissions created by the burning of fossil fuels thus improving air quality, reducing extreme weather events & protecting our environment for future generations; one solar panel at a time.


Kevin Baker


All In 1 Solar, Inc

Kevin began his career as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant in his early 20s, but his entrepreneurial spirit quickly led him to explore various business ventures. Balancing his work in physical therapy with owning and operating solo business ventures, Kevin discovered his true passion for entrepreneurship. In September 2016, he founded All In 1 Solar, Inc., dedicating himself to the solar energy industry. After 18 fulfilling years as a PTA, Kevin retired in 2022 to focus full-time on his mission to promote clean, sustainable energy through All In 1 Solar.

Compare Solar Energy Quotes

We understand that buying solar is a big decision therefore requires extensive research. If you are looking for a second opinion, need a proposal analysis or an explanation of how to obtain the tax credit, AI1S is here for you. After you’ve got all your solar energy quotes, we’ll go over your proposals with you, walk you through each one in detail and give you an honest assessment.



Whether you intend to install a small residential or large commercial system, your contractor must provide a multi-page document detailing the costs, all system components and warranty specifics.


Form 5695

Each solar installation in the US is eligible for the 30% federal tax credit. Homeowners, business owners, commercial property owners/developers and nonprofits have to fill out specific forms in order to receive the tax refund. Consult with your tax advisor for more details and filing assistance

Hard Time Reading Your Bill?

Having many conversations with our customers over the years, we consistently hear the same thing: 1) why does my electricity bill look like it’s written in another language? 2) feels like my bill is confusing trying to distract me from various charges & the amount due 3) how to save energy each month but just aren’t aware of the options available.


Sample Utility Bill

If you need help deciphering your utility bill, you’re not alone. Utility bills by design are meant to confuse consumers and gloss over various charges, fees & taxes. Utility companies earn ~$100-$900 million annually, oftentimes more, depending on where in the U.S. you reside.


Demand Charges

Unfortunately for commercial buildings and particularly nonprofits, demand charges make up the bulk of monthly energy expenses. Unlike the energy consumption costs measured in kWh, these unavoidable charges measured in kW, can only be reduced not eliminated.

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