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This PDF Covers:

The history of solar energy

How solar panels are made & the primary components that make up the system

The way solar + battery storage reduces high demand charges

Eligible properties & required owner/developer information

Various financing available including the preferred $0 down no upfront cost option

Written by


Founder of All In 1 Solar, Inc

Kevin Baker

Regional Solar Consultant

After starting out as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant in his early 20’s, Kevin developed the taste of becoming an entrepreneur at a relatively young age. All while working as a PT Assistant, he owned & operated a few solo business ventures. Then in September 2016 – All In 1 Solar, Inc was created. Following a gratifying 18 years, he officially retired his career as a PTA in 2022 working full-time in all things solar energy.

All In 1 Solar, Inc delivers nationwide consultation services to residential, business and commercial property owners/developers & nonprofits, including houses of worship. In person or virtual consults are provided for potential clients seeking a transition to clean solar energy, reducing electricity costs and/or lowering their carbon footprint.